Achieve your fitness goals with 30 minutes & the Infinity Hoop!

Burn up to 500 calories while watching TV, scrolling or listening to music! Hooping 30 minutes = 2 Mile run!



The Infinity Hoop has been a huge part of my weightloss journey. I use it everyday for 30 minutes per day and I started to see a difference when I removed links from my hoop. before I noticed I was down 4 links! I paired my excercise with better eating and the sweat belt for best results.



I’ve been using the Infinity Hoop for just two months along with a better diet and the sweat belt and have already noticed a huge difference in my body. It’s easy to use and my waist looks great. I would definitely recommend it.



After adding The Infinity Hoop to my exercise routine I started noticing improvements. I couldn’t be happier with how my body is looking and the increase in energy that I have experienced since using my hoop. I love to do it in the morning to make sure I do at least one thing for myself everyday.



I started out doing lymphatic massages for some time, but it got crazy expensive, so when I saw the inifnity Hoop results I knew I had to give it a try. Have used The Infinity Hoop and the sweat belt and the results speak for themselves. I am very happy with my body and doing cardio has also improved my mental health.

30 min = 2 Mile run
1 Link = 2 Inches
30 Days Challenge

We believe so much in the results from the Infinity Hoop that if you use the Infinity Hoop for 30 days (for 30 minutes each day) & don't remove a link within 1 month then we will immediately issue you a 100% refund on your purchase (Check full terms below) & Yes you can keep the hoop!