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Simple healthy eating system $500 value

The eating system that will save you time and $$$ every month.

• 100+ Low calorie Fast Food resturant options

Beginners Guide

A-Z everything you need to start hooping and creative ways to incorporate hooping with your busy schedule

Infinity Hoop Never Fall Off accountability System $199 Value

The system that doesn't require your permission to work!

• Fitting fitness into a busy schedule
• Creative ways to hoop

Perfect for busy individuals that want to see results (fast!)

Infinity Hoop Challenge $500 Value

Join the Infinity movement! Get in shape with trackable results

• Habit tracker
• Daily & Monthly notes



360 transformation! The Infinity Hoop has been a huge part of my weightloss journey. I am down 4 links after using my hoop 6 months and I lost my first link within 30 days!


I’ve been using the Infinity Hoop and sweat belt for 2 months and have already lost a link! I should be able to remove my second link soon!


After adding The Infinity Hoop to my exercise routine I lost 2 links in a little less than 2 months. I couldn’t be happier with how my body is looking.


Have used The Infinity Hoop and the sweat belt and the results speak for themselves. I am very happy with my body and doing cardio has also improved my mental health.


Infinity Hooping is easy and effective that you can do it while watching the kids or even watching TV! Also, our "Lose inches while parenting" (Included Bonus) workout routine is perfect for busy moms that want to get snatched!

Our Infinity Hoop is easy as ABC, 123! Our "Easy as ABC beginners Guide" (Included Bonus) will help you start swinging & keep that momentum up!

Our customers lose a link (2 inches) in weeks on average. Also in the "Fat Burning Routine" (Included Bonus) you can check out effective workouts you can do to get results faster!

Yes, eating healthy is a major factor of success! We've included a "Super Affordable & Simple Healthy system" (Included bonus) you can use to get better results out of your Infinity Hoop!

We know it's hard to do something new so we've created a "Never fall off accountability system" that includes habit trackers, monthly check ins, and even live videos will keep you going on this journey!

Anywhere & anytime! The Infinity Hoop is the perfect workout at home or even at the park!