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Raising the bar of at home workouts

30 Minutes = 2 Mile run
30 Minutes = 2 Mile run

30 Minutes of hooping burns the same calories as a 2 mile run. Hooping is a full body workout that burns up to 500 calories per session! No need to run, or go outside. Gross gyms could never

It works! Swing inches away

It’s fun swinging mechanism allows you to enjoy working out while feeling the burn! Increases body movement to provide a fun cardio routine that helps you burn calories. Some people call it a “Skip it for your waist”

It works! Swing inches away
  • Running
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Other

  • Low intensity light on the joints and knee
    Low intensity light on the joints and knee
    Light weight and can be put away easily
    Need an expensive and bulky treadmill
    Infinity Hoop in your living room no matter the weather outside
    Can’t run outdoors if it’s raining, snowing or on really hot days
  • Inexpensive solution

    you can do at home

    Expensive & dangerous procedure
    No pain
    No recovery needed

    Just 30 minutes per day

    3 months recovery (minimum)
  • Top-quality materials that will ensure you see results
    Manufactured with cheap plastic which kills effectiveness
    Quiet and pleasant experience
    LOUD, can't even watch TV using it!
    Comfortable massaging notches
    Bruise alert! No comforting notches
    30-Day Results-Driven Guarantee
    No refunds
  • Running
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Other
  • Low intensity light on the joints and knee
    Need an expensive and bulky treadmill
    Can’t run outdoors if it’s raining, snowing or on really hot days
  • Expensive & dangerous procedure
    3 months recovery (minimum)
  • Manufactured with cheap plastic which kills effectiveness
    LOUD, can't even watch TV using it!
    Bruise alert! No comforting notches
    No refunds
30-Day Results backed guarantee

No results = your $ money back. Our Infinity Promise states that if you don’t lose a link (2 Inches) in 30 days we’ll happily send you a full refund.

Based on 1221 reviews

Not the right size

I love the sweat belt and definitely soaked my shirt in my thirty minute workout

It took 2 weeks even though I paid for the expedited but I guess that it could have been longer

It is so much fun I guess we will see how many links I lose in 40 days

Haven’t used it.

I ordered a L/XL and received a 2 XL/3 XL.

The instructions are nonexistent so I had to Google how to put it together and use it.

Not super easy to use, takes a lot to get it actually moving

Good produce large learning curve. I don’t have rhythm so it’s taking some creative work to keep it moving.

I tried to return this, sent messages and emails to no avail.

Didn’t arrive. I only waited to review because it said stuff was in transit so I thought maybe it was separate. But I still haven’t received anything. Just the infinity hoop which I think is overrated and catches on the links and prevent it from keeping it spinning

Ball keeps getting stuck and I was supposed to receive the belt too but that never came and same for any extra stuff it came with when I ordered.

Probably one of the best waist trainers I have ever used.

This is so much fun to use.

Brakes every time I try to use it . It is cheaply made and wish I had read all the reviews before purchasing. I would not have and to top it off the lady I saw demonstrating had had weight loss surgery. She did not mention that on the video I watched. So I give it a big FAT ZERO!!!!!!

Smells good and really works!

I put this on everyday before my workout and wrap it with my sweat belt and it really works. You’ll be dripping in sweat by the time you’re done hooping! Plus I have lost 2 links since I started using the sweat cream. Looking forward to the progress!

Finally found the best!

I haven’t ever sweat so much in my life nor has my belly ever looked better thanks to my sweat cream!

Love it love it love it

The kinda sweat I sweat is amazing of course I pair it up with my waist trimmer for better results I would definitely recommend and buy the product again..

Absolutely amazing!

Sweated so much when used with the infinity sweat belt! Best thing I’ve purchased in a while and I got so excited during my workout cause I couldn’t wait to see all my sweat at the end of my workout!

The BEST out there!!

This one it IT! Does exactly what’s it’s supposed to do. If you have trouble areas or have issues sweating, or you just want to have a sweatier workout.. this is a necessity! 10/10 recommend trying it


This is the perfect workout enhancer! Not only does it smell amazing it works amazing! Every time I use it I am DRIPPING in sweat!

Day One

Just finished my first workout and I gotta say.. I am SWEATING a ton from it. Looking forward to doing this everyday! Super fun workouts!

Super Good

10/10 recommend the series! Tanya is great and pushed me to my limits!

Love it

I wanted to hold myself accountable for my 30 minutes a day and the training has helped so much because now I have no excuse

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