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Raising the bar of at home workouts

30 Minutes = 2 Mile run
30 Minutes = 2 Mile run

30 Minutes of hooping burns the same calories as a 2 mile run. Hooping is a full body workout that burns up to 500 calories per session! No need to run, or go outside. Gross gyms could never

It works! Swing inches away

It’s fun swinging mechanism allows you to enjoy working out while feeling the burn! Increases body movement to provide a fun cardio routine that helps you burn calories. Some people call it a “Skip it for your waist”

It works! Swing inches away
  • Running
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Other

  • Low intensity light on the joints and knee
    Low intensity light on the joints and knee
    Light weight and can be put away easily
    Need an expensive and bulky treadmill
    Infinity Hoop in your living room no matter the weather outside
    Can’t run outdoors if it’s raining, snowing or on really hot days
  • Inexpensive solution

    you can do at home

    Expensive & dangerous procedure
    No pain
    No recovery needed

    Just 30 minutes per day

    3 months recovery (minimum)
  • Top-quality materials that will ensure you see results
    Manufactured with cheap plastic which kills effectiveness
    Quiet and pleasant experience
    LOUD, can't even watch TV using it!
    Comfortable massaging notches
    Bruise alert! No comforting notches
    30-Day Results-Driven Guarantee
    No refunds
  • Running
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Other
  • Low intensity light on the joints and knee
    Need an expensive and bulky treadmill
    Can’t run outdoors if it’s raining, snowing or on really hot days
  • Expensive & dangerous procedure
    3 months recovery (minimum)
  • Manufactured with cheap plastic which kills effectiveness
    LOUD, can't even watch TV using it!
    Bruise alert! No comforting notches
    No refunds
30-Day Results backed guarantee

No results = your $ money back. Our Infinity Promise states that if you don’t lose a link (2 Inches) in 30 days we’ll happily send you a full refund.

We care about the results…


Removed 2 inches from their waist their first 30 days


Said the Infinity Hoop is a better form of cardio than traditional method


Said appearance of their back rolls was less noticible

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Day One

I used the infinity hoop for 20 minutes today and I am sweating a ton from it! Looking forward to using this everyday! Super easy to put together, and fun!

Detox tea

This tea is delicious and has helped curb my appetite..I highly recommend it!

Guadalupe V.
Love my Infinity Hoop!

I recieved my purple infinity hoop today and I am loving it already! Really easy to assemble and manage to get it to rotate around my waist in no time. The only thing I am upset about is that my order came with a free waist trimmer and I did not receive the free gift. It was missing the waist trimmer. Other than that I'm really happy to start loosing inches off my waist! 👍


I love to use it and I use it twice a day once in the am and once in the evening. 30minutes a time. It's fun helps with my anxiety but I haven't lost one link maybe I'm just a lost cause

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annettehimes37@gmail.com a.
Infinity Hoop

Love it. It’s a work out

It’s my favorite thing to do

I bought my hoop in 2022 but I didn’t start using it until 2023. I had no idea what I was waiting for. Is it hard at first? Yep! Did it get better? Yep! Within the first month I took out 2 links as promised. The healthier I ate the more I could see the difference. Now I have PCOS, so losing weight ain’t easy… especially if I’m not eating healthy. In June my doctor decided to give me adipex. I’ve lost 26 lbs and my 14 size jeans no longer fit. I feel a complete difference in my sides. My arms hit nothing when I swing them. Now granted I do about an hour or more 5 times a week… plus 5 faya a week I walk for 30-60 min every morning. Find what works for you, I know I did.

Now it’s been 9 months of me using it and all my little massagers are popping off as well as my barrings on weight. I guess it’s been used to death :) I need to order a new one ASAP


Let me first say, I was sceptical. I have purchased so many products for weight loss lately, and spent so much money (without promised results) that I really didn't have much faith in the Infinity Hoop. I started using it 30 minutes each evening on 9-1-23. On 9-21-23, I had to remove my first link! I couldn't use the hoop on that 20th day without it sliding down! I haven't missed one day since I started and I am gonna "keep on keepin' on!" I set Alexa with a 30 minute timer, turn on my True Crime shows and get to hoopin'! If you're faithful with using this, it WILL work! I absolutely LOVE it! Best thing since sliced bread! 🤣

love love love

I love my infinity hoop. I have been using my infinity hoop for one week now and I feel it getting looser around my waist. It's not like your working out because it's so much fun.

Infinity hoop

I have been using my hoop consecutively for 49 days in a row for 30 minutes a day! I have taken off 4 links so far. Unfortunately a magnet fell out today and I can’t find it!


I sent a review earlier re not being able to figure it out how to get pcs together. After numerous attempts the PC had to be snapped in on one side and to black section on the other. I reviewed some others unboxing with hoop and weighted pc plus the extra lil string. I'm not sure if there is a problem. Hopefully not. I'm waiting on extra pcs I ordered the other day as I ordered the shorter hoop and should have ordered longer. I believe this product will help me.thank you

Love my hoop

I got my hoop a week ago but didn't get the belt. I had to remove three links to get started and it's very comfortable. I did lower the weight about two inches and it glides right on around now. Wish I had gotten the belt though. I love my hoop! K. Plummer

Brittney c.
Dupe to non dupe

I started my hoop fit journey a year ago with the dupe hoop. It broke after me not even having it a year. Then I reordered the same one but upgraded a little bit that one also broke after me not having it too long. So then I decided to order the hoop from the actual Infinity hoop website and so far I’m amazed at how much of a difference it feels and glides and I an down to 19 links on my current hoop. I’m dam proud of myself and the journey I’ve been on I may have lost inches and my stomach is going down I’m very proud of that.

One link down already

I haveneen using the hoop and sweat belt almost 2 week and already took out a link

Love Hooping

Love being able to hoop at home and work!

It’s my work Buddy

I’m in love with this hoop, I work from home and have it on in my down time. Before I know it time has passed by quick, and I’m working and working out too! 🥰

Super Fat Burner

Loving it!

Almost 65 years old and it took me 1 1/2 weeks to find the rhythm (I have NONE) and removed one link. Today, another 1 1/2 weeks in I removed my 3rd link. 6inches in 3 weeks is BEYOND my expectations!
I will recommend to my friends without reservation!

Great customer service

Ordered my hoop, and i did not received my waist trainer, after contacting the company, they e-mailed back quick. My waist trainer is on it’s way, fast and courteous customer service!! Very excited to start my weight loss journey

Infinite results

Easy to put together. Fun to do. Especially with music. definitely recommend purchasing


I already lost 1 link in 2 weeks! Definitely recommend it!

Rough start, but good progress

So I’m a big girl (22-24) and I had to get 4 extra links for this to fit comfortably. So now just today I was able to give it a try. It does take a minute to get started. It’s about finding the right motion. Once I found it, i got it going without assistance for a solid 60 seconds. I have never been able to make a regular hula hoop go so this was a monumental moment for me. I just keep doing small intervals of the motion until I got it down and until I made it to 30 mins. I can’t wait to have this going for at least 10 minutes solid so I can do three sets of 10. I am very much looking forward to how this can help tone me and build up my cardio so I can take on more intense exercise. Let’s do this!!

Lost weight

Good for weight loss.

Haven’t lost a link yet…

I purchased the infinity hoop after seeing all of tye Facebook ads. It took me a few days to figure it out. I enjoy using it and feel like I get a workout, but I haven’t lost a link yet. It’s been about 3 weeks and I’ve used it for 30 minutes almost every day. 15 minutes one way, then 15 the other. Going to keep working at it!

Best birthday gift I got for myself

The video reviews on Instagram and Facebook brought me here and I don't regret buying it for myself! I used it the moment I received it on July 1, 2023 (top right photo).

I'm good at hula hooping with a regular non-weighted hula hoop, so I thought using this would be quick to learn, but this took me a bit longer to get used to. Don't give up! Once you get the hang of it, it's super easy to use!

Instantly, my family and I were seeing progress. Weeks later, when it was time to celebrate my birthday with some friends, my friends also told me I was getting slightly thinner and that my face was getting a bit smaller.

It's been a month and a day now and I've already lost 3 links (left photo and bottom right photo)! That's 6 inches off my waist! I went from 42 inches to 36 inches.

I admit that I'm normally lazy and unmotivated to workout with the gym equipment I already have and don't use, but Infinity Hoop works with my "let me play and have fun" mindset. This makes working out not feel like a chore, but instead like a game.

During the first week, I was using it for 30min/day, but I'm currently too obsessed that I decided to use it for longer. I've been using it consistently almost every day for 40 mins (20 mins with the weight going left and 20 mins going right.) For the most part I try to hoop every day, but on busy weeks, I hoop 5-6 days a week.

I fit into my clothes better and more comfortably. I've been so happy with the progress!

I highly recommend it! Looking forward to seeing what 6 months, a year, and so on would look like


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