Content Creator FAQs

Q: What are your @s?

A: Our tags are @infinity.hoop on Instagram and @infinityhoop on TikTok

Q: Should I tag you in my post?

A: Yes, please tag us in all of your posts when using your hoop! We love to feature our customers and their progress on our page.

Q: How can I ensure that I get posted to your page? 

A: This will help to maximize your exposure on our platform as well as help you grow!


❌ Film in shadowy or dark places (we want to see your face!)

❌ Say or use profanity or offensive languages (Including music/background noise selection)

❌ Wear short shorts that excessively expose your peaches or cherries…

❌ Use words like “lose weight, hourglass, etc.” or guarantee results of any kind

❌ Watermarks especially the Tiktok mark(use to download videos remove easily)

❌ Wear only your bikini 

❌ No infants or toddlers (this is a hazard)

❌ Use too many filters or emojis 

❌ Nudity


✅ Use a majority of the frame when filming

✅ Find the light! (This will help with Video quality)

✅ Switch up the types of videos you make (Be Creative!)

✅ Follow a trend (we love seeing your trendy videos!)

✅ Follow Tiktok Guidelines (

✅ Like your video on our page (and others)

✅ Have fun!


Q: Should I do a trend?

A: YES, Trends would not only help more people see you but it will also show that you are have FUN with your hoop!

Q: Can I earn a Commission with Infinity Hoop? 

A: Yes, Be sure to join our infinity family on the “Make Money With Infinity Hoop” Tab on our website!