Infinity Hoop 2.0
Infinity Hoop 2.0
Infinity Hoop 2.0
Infinity Hoop 2.0

Infinity Hoop 2.0

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The all-in-one workout tool proven to trim waist, tone core & make exercising fun again!
New 2.0 Version redesigned for better & longer lasting results!

Easily start doing cardio anywhere, simply toss the weight horizontally and use your body motion to keep the weight in the air. It looks easy, but may be more challenging than you think! It's a real workout!

Do it Anywhere While Watching TV or Listening to music

Fun & Effective Exercise  

Full Body Cardio 

We believe so much in the results from the Infinity Hoop that if you use the Infinity Hoop for 30 days (for 30 minutes each day) & don't remove a link within 1 month then we will immediately issue you a 100% refund on your purchase (no questions asked)!

How to use the Infinity Hoop

Step 1. Attach weight

Step 2. Clip on hoop

Step 3. Swing weight around 

Fully Adjustable Sizing

From 20 to 52 Inches

Connected by 24 or 28 detachable sections, our Infinity Hoop is adjustable to all waist sizes from 20 to 52 inches. That means that you can use it forever, regardless of your waist size changes. Every section has an ergonomic bump that provides a pleasant massage to your belly while using it. 

Hoop Sizing

Regular (24 Links) Up to 42 Inches

Plus (28 Links) Up to 52 Inches 


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Package Contains:

1X Infinity Hoop

1X Weighted Ball

1X Plastic Tray

1X Paper Insert

1X Box